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About the Brand

Good To Go is the quintessential solution to score delectable meat, that is freshly procured everyday & brought to your table at unsurpassed prices.

Very well rooted in the wholesale market, with a history of bringing food to your tables via the kitchens of some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Delhi, we finally have hopped in the retail market.

The quality of our meats is peerless as it has already passed the standard quality check processes of hotels like the Hyatt, Oberoi ,Shangrila & Claridges , just to name a few.

We cater to all tastes in our selection of food; well, every form and size too! With a liberal sourcing network build in the last 52 years, we keep our refrigerators brimming with meat stock all the time. We are one amongst the largest importers of seafood in the country, proudly so!

Talking of hygiene, we process your selection in the most fresh and healthy way possible. For everything else, we have mammoth walk in freezers (and not freezer counters) where every form of the meat is stored separately and well spaced. We let our meat breath, literally!

Why US

2 Hour Delivery

Quality-trusted By More Than 500 Restaurants & Hotels

Unmatched Prices

Multiple ways to order!

What popped the idea in our minds you ask?

Well, the idea came into light with the thought of simplifying the horrendous experience an individual goes through at a butchery shop and still managing to get their hands only on mediocre quality of Meats.

Even the most committed Meat consumer hates picking up the meats from there local unhygienic & smelly butcher’s outlet & in turn, being forced to witness the unappetizing butchery process.

Save your emotions for a rom com we say and order at ‘Good to go’ for the most clean experience of buying raw meat.

What do we do?

The ones who have culinary skills, you get the raw meats sans the unpleasing experience of visiting the butcher’s place. We offer an array of options in the raw category, freshly cut and delivered to you. For others who run for their lives hearing the word ‘cooking’, we’ve got you covered too. We are home to some great chefs in town that cater big on flavor while keeping it low and easy on the pocket . The ready to eat dishes might as well transcend Nirvana when it comes to taste. Just accept the delivery, allow it to sizzle on the pan and hog on!

One can make out how many hours have gone into the cooking just by the taste of it.

So, if you find yourself screaming with a rumbling tummy, remember we are one click away.

The plethora of scrummy meats need some introduction right?

Raw meats are lined up as boneless variations, wings, fish slices, fingers, tikka cut, you name it and we’ll chop it for you , within no time.

For instant sandwiches or similar preparations, our diverse cold cut range includes Chicken pepperonis to hams, pepper and chilli salamis to sausages. We’ve basically covered it all for you. Marinated variations have masala tikkas, malai tikkas, peri peri versions, mustard and herb layered meats, the punjabi amritsari version, and the fish assortment. Ready to eat segment includes Seekh kababs, shawarma tikkas, malai seekhs, shaami kababs, tandoori and chilly delicacies, the roasted and ajwaini range. We appease not just the hungry bellies, but also the tongues that call for different flavors. So, why hop out to dine when you have Good to go?

The Side Story:

The raw meats are ordered, cooking mode is on, the friends are waiting! What about the spices and ingredients? You definitely not need to reach out to a grocery store. For our meats, we have the suitable spices too. From the simplistic masalas to the rarely available ones, you can hoard them all. Herbs, seasonings and condiments are up for grabs too. Sauces and dips on the side? We have an endless selection to let you have your pick. Organic, white and brown eggs to go along? Pick any.

Good to go has to be the single halt for those who covet splendid meat options.

So, what do we charge for the royal treatment?

15% lesser than any of our adversaries on most times. How do we do that eh? Well, since the sourcing network is strong and our services are called in by troops from every nook of the cities, we manage to cater at cheap prices without compromising on the quality of course. Also, there are additional offers and discounts almost every time that you log in. You might as well call in for a big feast!

For large groups, it may be worth your while to order bulk packs. The deliveries are ensured to reach you within maximum of 2 hours for anywhere in Delhi/ Gurgaon. (Hungry friends at home is an open invitation to death; we know that well!)

Experience so far:

We hear our customers saying good things about their experience with us in the last 8 months that we’ve stepped into delivering directly to folks and we plan to continue keeping your spirits and meat stocks high.

It is not just another fresh meat delivering brand, instead our attempt to revolutionize the way meats are consumed by the masses. Serving the hungry peeps in Delhi and Gurgaon as of now, we aim to cover NCR and beyond in the near future.

Meet the crazy folks who’ve whipped up the Idea:

Aakashdeep Singh (Head of Purchase)

The man has done MBA in finance. He has bagged 7 years of experience with MM fisheries as purchase head of poultry and fish food. The same experience has got him the righteous position in Good to go.

Angad Singh (Head of Operations and Marketing)

Graduated in B.Com honours from Delhi University, he’s an accomplished man with 5 years of experience in retail and hospitality. He has now turned his family business to his whim and has been running the chain of retail stores and restaurants successfully.

Harmohan Singh (Head of Production and Finance)

He has his feet rooted in the business since 6 years. Having graduated in B. com honours from Delhi University, this man has a significant role in bringing ‘Good to go’ forward.